What’s New Dominating the End of Lease Cleaning Trends 2021?

Each New Year brings new possibilities and the surge of Covid-19 cases has created a paradigm shift in the cleaning industry. Companies are constantly trying to develop specialised cleaning techniques to fight the escalating contamination, which has revamped the ways end of lease cleaning was performed earlier. Like many other sectors, end of lease cleaning service in Melbourne faced multiple challenges to keep client’s health and safety intact and this opened avenues to innovative bond cleaning techniques to restrict the spread of the contagious virus.

Besides adhering to meticulous cleaning approach, emphasis is now being given on disinfecting and sanitisation of the entire rented premises, especially the high-traffic areas, for improved safety. Read this blog to know the emerging vacate cleaning trends dominating this year.

Meticulous Clean with Improved Hygiene Has Become the Need of the Hour

If you are wondering whether it would be wise to hire professional cleaners in Melbourne amidst this ongoing pandemic, here are some convincing facts you must know before scheduling your next relocation.

Impeccable Disinfection & Sanitisation

With the surge of Covid-19 cases, it has become utmost important to resort to high-quality disinfection and sanitisation of the leased premises to keep the deadly virus at bay. Professional vacate cleaners keep themselves abreast of the latest trends and resort to advanced cleaning techniques keeping the guidelines issued by healthcare authorities in mind to protect client’s interests.

Thorough Sanitisation of Major Entry Points

Garage and entry points are usually the areas where outsiders come in contact regularly and thus, the risk of contamination is high in these containment zones compared to other areas of your rented premises. Therefore, it has become quintessential to sanitise the major entry points of your apartment by a reputed cleaning company in Melbourne and keep your family safe from cross-contamination. Nowadays, landlords have become apprehensive about meticulous sanitisation and enquire about every single detail when taking handover of their property.

Time-Saving & Innovate Ways of Deep Cleaning

A meticulous bond clean immensely helps in getting your bond back and making end of lease cleaning less time-consuming and fuss-free. You would obviously want to qualify end of lease inspection successfully and get full refund the same day of relocation. Professional bond cleaners devise innovative ways to offer the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne and resort to eco-friendly cleaning methods to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Meeting New Standards of Cleaning

Landlords are usually picky during end of lease inspection and may enquire about their property’s cleaning and disinfection process throughout the lease period. They might ask whether the property has been properly sanitised and disinfected during the term period or not and in order to satisfy their quest, you can present the invoice containing details about disinfection services by certified end of lease cleaners in Melbourne.

If you seek professional end of lease cleaning services in the upcoming days, don’t hesitate to call the experts of Cleaney. We are a leading cleaning company offering specialised Covid-19 bond cleaning in Melbourne to keep your health and safety aspects intact. Our fully insured cleaners adhere to necessary safety protocols and guidelines issued by healthcare authorities and perform meticulous cleaning for 100% client satisfaction. To enquire more about our services, give us a call today!

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