Leading the industry for years, we promise you meticulous bond cleaning services at economical rates. Get guaranteed bond refund the same-day of move-out.

    Why Choose Our Services?

    Backed by highly proficient end of lease cleaners, we pledge to offer impeccable bond cleaning that can leave a long-lasting freshness and make your property ready-to-move in for the next tenant.


    End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne 100% Bond Refund Same Day

    Are you having sleepless nights wondering how to get 100% bond refund during move-out? Is the tedious vacate cleaning job seizing your mental peace? No need to fret. End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne can simplify your job and help you relocate with zero fuss! Being an industry-leader for end of lease cleaning and office & commercial Cleaning since years, you can always count on our expertise in end of lease cleaning in Melbourne and get pristine clean and spotless property worth admiring.

    With cutting-edge skills and innovative cleaning techniques, we have surpassed key players and set a benchmark in the industry worthy to praise. Whether you are moving for the first time or have relocated a couple of times before, end of lease cleaning is never an easy ordeal. Landlords expect their premises to be spotless during handover and being a tenant, it’s your responsibility to leave your premises clean and tidy. We are committed to providing you with high-quality bond cleaning and carpet cleaning Melbourne using advanced tools and equipment that can scrape off dirt even from hard-to-reach areas and leave a long-lasting freshness in your property. Irrespective of your cleaning needs, our bonded professionals can address them with efficacy and execute the job to the highest standards. Customer satisfaction is our top-most priority and we put forth every possible effort to deliver nothing but the best. You can also Chat Live with us to get a quick quote

    End of lease cleaning

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    We aim to make your bond cleaning less arduous and stressful with our industry-leading vacate cleaning practices. For 100% quality vacate cleaning in Melbourne at unbelievable rates, get in touch today!

    What’s Included in Our End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne Checklist?

    The key to get 100% security refund is a detailed checklist. Our end of lease cleaning checklist is designed to cover every edge and corner of your premises in detail and make your property ready-to-move-in for the next tenant.


    Bathrooms / Hallways / Lounge / Dining Rooms

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Carpet/Furnishings Cleaning Service

    Value-Added Services with No Hidden Charges!

    Quick & Convenient Vacate Cleaning Tailored to Your Needs

    Packing up your belongings and relocating to a new place can be exciting yet stressful. On one hand, you might be overwhelmed to create new memories; on the other hand, it can be daunting to leave your premises in an immaculate condition. At Cleaney End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne, we understand the stress that comes with exit cleaning in Melbourne and offer exceptional services that includes carpet cleaning tailored to your needs. With innovative cleaning techniques at economical rates, we strive to achieve excellence and provide 100% bond back guarantee to make relocation pleasing and memorable.

    Connect Today & Give a Personalised Touch to Your Rented House

    Why let move-out cleaning in Melbourne seize your mental peace? Hire proficient experts who can excel beyond your expectations and offer spotless cleaning with highest standards. We believe in creating the first impression and our cleaners will leave a smile on your face on every appointment!

    Clients Testimonials

    I hired End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne for the first time and what an exceptional job they did! My landlord was very happy and I got full refund!

    I would definitely recommend End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne for their outstanding job and exceptional quality. The cleaners were courteous, friendly and made my property spotless. Extremely happy!

    Too much satisfied! The cleaners arrived on time and cleaned every nook and corner of my property with great detail. I didn’t have to opt for a re-cleaning job and got my security money back without any hassle.

    End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne Support FAQ

    How much is a vacate clean / End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne?

    Cleaney End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne prices start from$150. Give us a quick call for a Quote.

    How Long Does the End of Lease Cleaning Take in Melbourne?

    End of lease cleaning Melbourne process may take upto 5-6 hours depending upon the size and condition of your property.

    How much is the end of lease cleaning cost in Melbourne?

    The typical cost of an end-of-lease clean-up service ranges from approximately $195 for a typical 1-bedroom home. However, the price will depend on the condition of the living area. If the house doesn't need a thorough cleaning, the cost could be reduced.

    Do You Clean Floors & Windows with End of lease cleaning Melbourne?

    Yes, we do it all! From stained floors, dirty windows to cobweb removal from walls and backsplashes, we treat every edge and corner of your premises and make your property spotless.

    Are There Any Additional Charges Involved in End of lease cleaning in Melbourne?

    There are additional charges if the property is in unreasonable condition and some extras if they need to be done

    What Type of Cleaning Products Do You Use for End of Lease cleaning?

    We use none other than eco-friendly cleaning detergents to keep the health of your kids and pets intact. Our cleaning products cause no harm to your health, nor to your property.

    Can you do end of tenancy cleaning yourself?

    Yes, we do it! It's often more cost effective to do it yourself, plus that way you have peace of mind that all the rooms have been cleaned to the required standard.

    How clean do you have to leave a rental property?

    Consider every detail below 1. cleaning inside drawers and wardrobes. 2. wiping sockets and light switches. 3. removing stains on carpets, walls and upholstery, as well as cobwebs. 4. wiping appliances down, from the toaster to the soap drawer in the washing machine. 5. cleaning the bins.

    Can my tenant refuse viewings?

    You do not have to allow viewings if they are not mentioned in your contract. You could say that they must only take place at certain times. If you refuse viewings and your agreement says you must allow access, you might find it difficult to get a reference or have problems with getting your deposit back..

    How much is a bond clean Melbourne?

    Our cleaning prices are dependent on the size and condition of the property. The average price for a 1-bedroom unit is approx. $250, $300 for 2-bedroom units and $420 for 4-bedroom houses. For a customised quote, you must contact our customer care executives on 1300 707 371.

    What is covered in an end of tenancy clean?

    End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist • Dusting and vacuuming carpets, rugs and upholstery. • Cleaning and polishing windows, mirrors and any glass surface. • Vacuuming and mopping hard floors. • Dusting and wiping hard surfaces. • Cleaning inside and out all kitchen appliances and cabinets. • Scrubbing bathtub, toilet and sink.