About Us

About Cleaney Vacate Cleaning Melbourne

Elevating Clean Living in Melbourne

Welcome to Cleaney Vacate Cleaning Melbourne, where cleanliness meets commitment. As a distinguished leader in residential cleaning services, we are dedicated to redefining the standards of clean living in Melbourne.

Our Story

Cleaney was born out of a passion for creating homes that radiate cleanliness and comfort. Founded by a team of cleaning enthusiasts, we set out with a simple yet powerful mission – to provide Melbourne residents with a trusted partner for achieving and maintaining immaculate living spaces.

Our Values


At Cleaney, trust is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We understand the  importance of inviting a cleaning service into your home, and we want you to feel  confident in our expertise and professionalism.


We take pride in being a reliable partner for our clients. Whether you’re preparing  to move out or seeking regular cleaning services, you can depend on Cleaney to  consistently deliver exceptional results.

Commitment to Excellence

Excellence is not just a goal; it’s a standard we uphold in every cleaning task. From  our experienced professionals to our use of cutting-edge techniques, we are  committed to ensuring your home receives the highest level of care.

Why Choose Cleaney Vacate Cleaning Melbourne

Cleaney is more than a cleaning company; we are a team of dedicated individuals who understand the significance of a clean and comfortable home. When you choose Cleaney, you choose a commitment to excellence, trust, and reliability.

Our Community

We take pride in being an Australian owned and operated company and being part of the Melbourne community. Cleaney is not just a service provider; we are neighbours, friends, and partners in creating a cleaner and healthier living environment for all.

Join Us on the Journey

Whether you’re moving out, seeking routine cleaning, or just want to refresh your  living space, Cleaney Vacate Cleaning Melbourne is here to be your trusted  companion. Experience the Cleaney difference, where our commitment to elevating  clean living goes beyond service – it’s a promise. 

Thank you for considering Cleaney Vacate Cleaning Melbourne as your partner in  cleanliness. We look forward to bringing the sparkle back to your living spaces.